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Any person who appreciates originality and is not looking for easy ways, probably thought about how to decorate his apartment, create a unique interior design. That’s why today our company offers its customers a unique opportunity to install 3D stretch ceilings made using harpoon technology. It is these projects that are distinguished by their unique aesthetic appeal and durability. Each of our works is so unique that they can truly be called a real work of art.


3D artistic stretch ceilings are made by applying a fragmentary image onto two translucent canvases of the same size. Then the canvases are sequentially stretched parallel to each other. The design of virtual models of stretch ceilings in 3D design is carried out using the appropriate software. This is necessary in order to perform mathematical calculations as accurately as possible.

A project developed in a virtual environment, unlike a drawing on paper, provides a high degree of detail of all parts of the future design. For the manufacture of the ceiling, polyester fabric or high quality polyvinyl chloride film is used. Bright and unique projects enter our lives very confidently, turning apartments and houses into original apartments. They allow you to diversify the interior of the room and forget about repairs for a long time. Our ceilings are certified products that do not emit foreign odors and harmful substances, they are environmentally friendly, reliable and fireproof. The film provides reliable protection for your apartment and allows installation in children’s rooms.

3D ceilings are handled by experienced professionals, and in some cases, artists take over. Before creating a masterpiece, they are long and painstakingly engaged in the development of the project. 3D ceilings are original and exclusive, and therefore their cost is quite high. The uniqueness of such a project lies not only in the original image, shape or color, but also in the lighting, which plays a significant role in this production. Modern people have already realized that saving on aesthetics is not worth it, and therefore they are increasingly ordering expensive projects and unique lighting fixtures that simply transform the room and create an indescribable effect in it. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, they help to hide significant flaws in the room (crooked corners, uneven ceilings, pipes, cables, wires), make it more spacious, thereby transforming it beyond recognition.

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