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The house is always the hallmark of its owner. And the interior, as a rule, reflects not only the aesthetic preferences of the owners, but tells about their habits, hobbies, life values, social status and material wealth.

Often when planning the interior of a cottage, many of us are guided by the advice of friends and relatives, as well as draw inspiration and ideas from thematic publications or specialized Internet sites. However, this approach is fraught with many tricks and can lead not only to the loss of precious time, but also money. After all, not everyone can independently develop and implement their own ideas and ideas about the ideal interior.

In view of the fact that the design of the cottage, as well as the design of an apartment in a panel house, should correspond as closely as possible to the preferences of the owner , ensure the creation of a truly functional and harmonious space from an aesthetic and psychological point of view, rationally entrust its development to professionals. Only experienced and qualified designers, architects, engineers and builders, using their knowledge and skills, will be able to most accurately embody in the interior everything that is necessary to realize the individual ideas of the owners of the cottage about comfort and coziness.


Development of interior design of a country house is a delicate author’s work that requires maximum concentration on the realization of wishes, as well as the stylistic preferences and predilections of those who will live in it. After all, it is no secret that the design of a cottage, the interior of which is designed according to an individual project, is much more comfortable and pleasant than any, albeit the most popular standard options.

The design project of the interior of the house provides an opportunity to consider the future interior in detail even before the start of repair work. And 3D visualization of the interior allows you to evaluate the future space from all sides, make the necessary amendments to it, and also, if necessary, create several options for the interior of the cottage and choose the one that suits you.

In the process of creating the interior of a cottage, it is also important to choose a style that will be dominant in your home. The selection of finishing materials, lighting systems, furniture, accessories, textiles, etc. will fundamentally depend on this. Baroque luxury, the rigor of minimalism, the elegance of art deco and country comfort – an experienced designer will help you find the style that will harmoniously fit into the proposed space. And modern technologies and a huge variety of building and finishing materials will not only radically change the interior, but also provide the possibility of its easy transformation depending on the mood of the owner of the house, the change of season or even the weather.

If you have not yet decided on what style of interior you like, you can always look at design projects for cottage interiors and apartment design, photo gallery which is presented on our website. Here you can also find original stylistic solutions and later apply them in the interior of your cottage.

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