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The life of a modern person is full of stress, fuss and anxiety. Therefore, the apartment often becomes the only place where each of us can feel calm and as secure as possible. Comfort and coziness in the apartment largely depend on the design of its interior. After all, there is nothing worse when housing does not meet our requirements and taste, and the layout of the apartment and its decoration do not meet individual preferences. In this case, only a professionally executed interior design can help.


In modern practice, interior design appears to be a unique way to create a cozy, comfortable space in which every detail is in harmony with the rest of the furnishings, and in general it fully meets the preferences of its owner.

There are several basic rules that should be considered when developing interior design for apartments of various styles and purposes:

  1. The interior of the apartment should be as comfortable and convenient as possible for its inhabitants.
  2. The aesthetics of the apartment space should not go against its functional purpose.
  3. The parameters of the decor elements must fully comply with the parameters of the apartment.

These rules are extremely important for a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics of housing.


It may seem that the process of creating apartment design does not include anything complicated. However, a serious approach to the implementation of a truly comfortable interior often leads us to a dead end. There are doubts about what materials are better to use, what furniture to choose, what color to choose, textiles, accessories … In the future, many other controversial issues arise in practice. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that the concept of “apartment design” is more than capacious and contains a lot of nuances.

The process of developing a comprehensive apartment design project consists of several successive stages:

  • development and approval of terms of reference;
  • development of the design project of the apartment;
  • project completion with finishing materials and furniture;
  • construction, finishing works and direct implementation of the project in the interior.

The purpose of the first stage is to develop an interior design project, as well as to collect all the information necessary for the implementation of the project about the functional purpose of the object, family composition, owners’ preferences, etc.

The development of the design project is transferred only after the approval of the terms of reference. Design project of an apartment allows you to see how the room will look like, what lighting, furniture, accessories, textiles, etc. The design project can be absolutely anything, it all depends on the tastes and preferences of the owner of the apartment. It can be made in the style that is closest to you, for example, classic, art deco, hi-tech, modern, eclectic, or combine the details of several directions at once.

Then the most ambitious process begins – the direct implementation of the project in the interior. In each case, the result of the work carried out directly depends on what materials were used and how accurately all the requirements of the design project were met.

The design of apartments, photos of which you can find in various thematic publications and on our website, is a complex process, which can best be carried out by people with professional education and experience in this field. If everything is done correctly, it allows you to create an original interior, which is always based on the comfort and preferences of the apartment owners.

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