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The professional development of three-room apartment interior design is quite in demand and popular today. And there is nothing surprising in this! After all, it is a three-room apartment, as a rule, that has a fairly large area, which is why a number of additional difficulties arise in the process of searching for new solutions and developing a design project.

The design of a three-room apartment, as well as design of a 2-room apartment or a one-room apartment, has its own characteristics. So, for example, in the process of creating a design project for a small-sized “one-room apartment”, the designer needs to use literally every square centimeter of the area for the good of the cause. The dimensions of a three-room apartment provide a unique opportunity for global experiments with layout, interior, finishing materials, furniture, accessories, etc.

However, the impressive size of the “three rubles” at the same time requires the designer to have special skills and professionalism. Indeed, in this case, it is necessary not only to give each room an individual look, but also to unite them with a common style, a single leitmotif of a certain solution. Therefore, it is almost impossible to master such a task without sufficient experience.

When designing a three-room apartment, it is important to take into account many nuances. Every moment is important: the layout, the number of windows, their location relative to the cardinal points, the presence of a balcony or loggia, etc. The opinions of the designers are unanimous that it is most difficult to work with apartments in which all rooms are adjacent. However, this problem is also quite simply solved with the help of such a design technique as redevelopment, as well as by transferring internal partitions and walls.


When developing a three-ruble note interior project, the designer first of all takes into account how many people plan to live in it. Of course, the design of an apartment in which only one person will live is much easier to develop, because the space of the apartment was initially divided into several isolated zones. In such a case, the largest room can be equipped for relaxation and receiving guests, the second – for a bedroom, and the third, for example, for a study.

For a family consisting of only two people, in such an apartment you can create a true paradise – a spacious living room, a cozy boudoir bedroom, and also make an office, guest room or a compact gym. If several generations live in the apartment at the same time, then the interior design concept of the “three rubles” will be fundamentally different. After all, the designer needs to provide separate rooms for parents and children, as well as rooms in which all households can gather. As a rule, in such cases, such a design technique is used as combining the kitchen and living room into a single whole.


To develop the design of a 3-room apartment, they begin with those rooms that are most often used by family members: kitchen, bathroom, living room, corridor. It is here that the designer needs to take into account the wishes of each of the household members as much as possible, select the necessary finishes, furniture, etc.

If we talk about the style of the interior of a three-room apartment, then there is no single standard technique. Depending on individual preferences, the design of a three-room apartment can be made in a classic, ethnic or romantic style, as well as in high-tech, art deco or country style. You can also use the details of several stylistic directions in the interior at the same time.

In any case, before contacting interior designer, look at thematic websites, magazines or books on interiors, mark the most interesting for yourself solutions, so that later it would be easier for you to express your wishes, and the specialist could create a really comfortable and cozy space for your family to live.

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