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If you are planning construction of a house for permanent residence, you can safely opt for a wooden house. It is not without reason that wood has always been among the leaders in building materials. A wooden house is an environmentally friendly and economical option.


The walls in the wooden house breathe through the pores of the wood, constant air exchange with the environment creates a healing microclimate inside the house. Conifers produce bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids – these natural chemical compounds that provide a long and healthy life of cells, have a beneficial effect on human health.

Also, from an aesthetic point of view, the appearance of wooden walls creates a special atmosphere in the house, a sense of calm and harmony with nature. Attractive appearance of logs allows not to carry out additional facade work, which saves time and budget.

The tree has a low thermal conductivity, thereby providing warmth in cold weather and coolness in hot weather, so a wooden house is suitable for the Russian climate. It also has good sound insulation.

If no one lived in the house in winter, the wooden house can be heated one day before the comfortable temperature in the house is restored. After the construction is completed, it is impossible to overheat the wooden house and make drafts for six months, otherwise the process of natural shrinkage will go wrong and cracks and cracks will appear.

From a material point of view, building a wooden house will cost you less than a brick or concrete one, both during construction and operation.


The disadvantages of this type of building material include its high fire hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to use special impregnations for wood, which provide fire protection.

The problem of the danger of bark beetles and rotting of the material is solved with the help of modern means of processing. Experts say that the latest antiseptics can save wooden houses for up to 100 years or more.

During the first year of service, the wood dries out significantly, resulting in large cracks. To eliminate cracks after drying, the logs must be carefully glued.

A modern wooden house is a feeling of coziness, comfort and closeness to nature. With proper operation, wooden houses will become a reliable fortress for many years to come.

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