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You have started renovation of an apartment and are faced with choosing a material that will help you create an atmosphere of comfort in which you and your loved ones will feel comfortable .

Decoracryl are decorative acrylic panels that subtly emphasize the interior design of an apartment with their individuality due to the variety of natural materials that are used as panel filling – this bamboo stalks, algae, flowers, stones, coffee beans, herbs and much more that nature can offer us for grace and comfort in the house.

Seeing this material, you will most likely have a question – where to apply it?. The answer to it is simple: the scope in interior decoration is limited by your imagination – it can be interior partitions, inserts in interior doors, wall panels, lamps, kitchen aprons, ceilings, furniture inserts, a countertop with a sink in the bathroom and so on. But one of the most interesting places is for children. It’s no secret that all parents are afraid for the kids, and decoracryl has a number of advantages over glass, which parents are afraid to use in children’s rooms. Decoracryl is harmless – if the material pricks, then it is impossible to cut yourself on its pieces. Also due to the fact that decoracryl is 2.5 times lighter than glass. Thanks to this, it is possible to install structures that were unthinkable due to their weight when using glass, while maintaining the appearance and light transmission of the structure and gaining exclusivity.

Decoracryl is an environmentally friendly material, odorless and stronger than silicate glass, which is also important when using it in the interior of a room.

By developing apartment project design, at home, choosing office decoration or design for a restaurant, we often solve architectural problems through the use of decorative acrylic.

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