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On our website, in the dressing section, you can find out about the services provided by artistic painting in interiors. We are talking about the decoration of interiors by our artists, the work is painstaking and long, as it is done by hand.

But, as you know, scientific and technological progress does not stand still and with the help of digital airbrushing allows you to paint large volumes quickly and certainly cheaper than it would be done by the hand of an artist.

Digital airbrushing ArtROBO – is a technology of direct colorful printing on vertical surfaces prepared for painting.

The digital complex is equipped with a semi-automatic coordinate binding system and a surface curvature tracking system, which allows you to work with almost any objects.

When printing, acrylic resin-based inks are used, then the surfaces are treated with various finish coatings, depending on the upcoming operating conditions.

It should be noted that luminescent paints are used to obtain an image with a glow effect. This is a more time-consuming and expensive process of applying drawings, since the image is applied not in one, but in 2-3 passes. The speed of drawing such a pattern is within 0.3 – 1 sq.m. in hour.

Compare: the speed of applying a picture with ordinary paints is 0.7 – 3.5 sq.m. per hour.

In both cases, a photorealistic image with wide format printing quality is obtained.


  1. mobility;

  2. high performance;

  3. excellent quality;

  4. small cost.

In addition, the images have excellent operational qualities. They are light-resistant, not afraid of humidity and temperature fluctuations. In turn, these qualities allow the use of technology in exteriors.

It is advisable to take all these qualities into account when developing design of an apartment, house or cottage project.

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