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The staircase is a symbolic element of your home. Each type of stairs can say a lot about its owner. For example, a marching staircase is suitable for down-to-earth natures, firmly standing on their feet, a spiral staircase is the choice of creative, creative people, and bolts , hovering over worldly concerns and sometimes loving to dream.


It is impossible not to admit that monumental heaviness is characteristic of traditional marching structures. Spiral staircases have their aesthetic advantages, but are not so convenient for movement. It was the combination of beauty and practicality that made the bolt staircase a serious competitor for other types of stairs. For the first time, a new support system was used by Kenngott (Germany), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stairs of various types. In our country, such structures appeared in the mid-90s. In a relatively short time, the innovation has gained a lot of admirers both in the circles of professional architects and designers, and among private developers and homeowners.


First of all, when choosing a ladder, it is customary to pay attention to practicality: structural strength, material reliability, etc. When the Boltsev ladder appears before us, admiration for its gracefulness diverts thoughts about practicality into the background.

But is it worth underestimating the reliability of the ladder? Long years of operation of bolt ladders show that they are not. Boltsevy ladders – not less strong and reliable, than other types of ladders.

You can verify this by looking a little at its design.

For the manufacture of steps of staircases, various materials are used, both natural wood and imitating it: glued boards made of hardwood (larch, oak, ash, beech, cherry, maple), material veneered with valuable wood veneer (mahogany, walnut, etc.). .d.), a new laminated material CPL (Kenngott), imitating the texture of wood.

Also, the steps of the bolt stairs are made of stone (marble, granite, gneiss, quartzite) and reinforced concrete treads 3-4 cm thick, lined with decorative stone.

To achieve the “airiness” and “transparency” of stairs, steps made of acrylic or laminated high-strength glass 36-38 mm thick are used. To prevent the treads from slipping, their upper plane is made corrugated and / or covered with a special invisible material that roughens the glass or plastic.

Despite the apparent weightlessness, the structures on the rails are able to withstand a distributed load of up to 1800 kg. Such stairs are usually equipped with an elegant balustrade made of wood and metal, glass railings, etc. depending on the interior design concept.
From the above, it is clear that the ladders on the rails belong to the category of building products of industrial production.
After all, bolts, despite their apparent simplicity, are a mini-fixing system, which can only be made in industrial conditions. And to install such a system, professional installers are also needed. First of all, a staircase is a functional element that ensures the safety and comfort of movement for residents of the house. And in the case of a bolt staircase, beauty and originality of design are added here.

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