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A rich interior is a loose concept. It’s not always about expensive repairs and high-status designer furniture. It is quite possible to do without palatial luxury and excessive glamour. Here are a few tricks to make the interior visually richer:


Even one art object will change the perception of the interior. Do not be stingy, place a large picture on the wall, and it will concentrate the attention of the guests, distracting them from the simple environment.

The works of little-known authors are better than reproductions of famous artists, they will give your home originality, and you will also avoid accusations of kitsch. Visit several flea markets and exhibitions of local artists, where you will get one or two good paintings at a reasonable price.

As an art object in design, not only paintings are used, but also sculptures, busts, torsos. They are sold in art stores. In addition to entertainment, sculptures also have purely utilitarian advantages – they store items of clothing, hats, jewelry, handbags.


Gold is universally associated with luxury and wealth, but a sense of proportion is important when working with this color. In the interior, gold accentuates rather than dominates. Bright accessories are placed on a calm, neutral background. Use photo frames, lamps, and finished furniture. Copper and chrome colors are also suitable for interior accents.


Make the space airy, fill the apartment with light: free cabinets and shelves from unnecessary things, let the shelves take on a half-empty look. Get rid of bulky furniture. You will get both spacious rooms and bring a sense of order and order.


The view from the window completely transforms the impression of the apartment. If you are unlucky enough to get a house with a gorgeous panorama from the windows, do not be discouraged, just place ampelous plants behind the glass. This will give you a solid green wall that looks great through the large French windows.


The symmetrical arrangement of identical objects is one of the most powerful techniques in the designer’s arsenal. Symmetry creates a feeling of harmony, solidity, security and comfort. With a symmetrical arrangement of furniture, the room visually becomes more spacious.


A strict ornament with a monotonous color scheme streamlines the space, gives it a kind of aristocracy. A good example of such an ornamental design is wallpaper with a black and white lattice. Combine this design with elegant, simple-shaped fittings.


Draw attention to one outstanding element: antique carved furniture, a mirrored wall, painting or expensive wallpaper. This technique uses the same principle as the focus on the subject of art.


Bright lighting is one of the conditions for a positive perception of the interior. Human nature instills in him an aversion to dullness, so make sure that every area of ​​the room is well lit. Combine different types of lamps: wall, floor, ceiling and table. The days of single chandeliers are long gone!


Spaciousness is probably the most desirable quality for an interior, and if the footage of a room leaves much to be desired, then you have to resort to tricks. Paint the walls and ceiling the same color, install a full-wall mirror at the end of the room, cover the floor with a huge carpet that will fit all the furniture. Finally, use only light furniture with laconic shapes.


Color design in a natural way (colors of wood, grass, sand, earth) will give solidity to the interior. For rooms with good natural light, mostly light shades are used – the room is magically filled with light and air. Also try to use natural finishing materials.


If the previous method does not suit you, then use the reverse method – select interior items with dark saturated shades. There are many colors of this type in the portfolio of British manufacturers. Dark complex shades emphasize the solidity of the situation and give it a solemn look.

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