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The usual and most common material for accent wall decoration is wallpaper. However, there are many other ways to design accent walls.


The wall can be finished with both luxurious large-format panels and more budget materials: clapboard, other boards, parquet. Wood paneling is a simple and effective way to bring a special charm to the design of the room and focus on the wall. Even some of the shortcomings of such a finish, for example, the gaps between the boards, can give the wall an additional charm, emphasize its “man-made”. It is worth remembering that wood is a rather capricious material that requires special care. Wooden surfaces must be varnished or impregnated. It is undesirable to use them in rooms with high humidity, for example, in a kitchen or bathroom.


A water wall is a structure of two glass panes, between which a stream of water falls or flows. There are water walls and with an open design. Often, water walls are decorated with compositions of plants and stones. This method of decoration, like a water wall, is rightly considered quite expensive. Expenses are required not only for the purchase of an expensive device, but also for its maintenance. With an open design of the waterfall in the room, it is necessary to install an advanced ventilation system. On the other hand, an open water wall can be used for room conditioning and humidity control. Either way, a water wall will make your room look amazing.


As a rule, such properties are given to the wall with the help of blackboard paint. The surface covered with it will simply be cleaned of chalk, but at the same time it will be easy to write on it. Usually the wall is painted in a brown matte color, which perfectly hides dust and chalk stains. It is worth taking care of a place to store “writing materials” in advance so that they do not stain the furniture located around. For a children’s room, a wall pasted over with coloring wallpaper is an excellent option for a surface for drawing. OFFICE IDEA:


Behind the coating of such a wall is a backlight. The covering of the light wall is not necessarily made of transparent materials; in some cases, to achieve the desired light effect in the covering, it is enough to make several cuts and holes. The light wall also performs a purely utilitarian function – to illuminate the room, so such a device can be very useful in narrow corridors and rooms with low ceilings.


The wall is sheathed with panels that are covered with natural leather or leatherette. The panels themselves are usually made of latex or foam rubber, thanks to which the walls in the room become soft. Leather-lined walls take on a sophisticated look. In addition, the leather covering of the wall has a number of practical advantages. This cladding insulates the room and increases its sound insulation. The disadvantage of a leather wall is the fact that it is usually unpleasant to touch it with a naked body.


The mobile wall is mounted on rails or has small wheels. This allows you to move it if necessary. Typically, movable walls are used to better organize living space. For example, to separate the bedroom from the kitchen, and before the guests arrive, combine them into one large room. Various furniture or a TV can be installed in a movable wall. Often even a folding bed can be placed in the wall. The movable wall allows you to partially level out a number of shortcomings of small housing.



The wall has many compartments or honeycombs in which plants are planted in the ground or moss. As a rule, plants are used that form a dense solid green “carpet” like a lawn. Structurally, there are two main types of “living” walls: with automatic watering and manual watering. The wall will last up to seven years, after which it will have to be replaced.

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